Best Honeymoon Destinations around Asia

Hong Honeymoon Packages

Asia is not only the biggest continent but is also home to some of the top unique honeymoon vacation locations in the Entire world. So, if you are seeking a long honeymoon vacation in Asia, then you need to visit any of the following honeymoon destinations that are described in this article.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Honeymoon Packages

Hong Kong is considered one of the most vibrant and lively nations in Asia due to its vibrant and unique lifestyle and cityscape. There are numerous islands that are situated all over Hong Kong which are in close proximity to each other. The Nan Lian Garden is a must visit for honeymooners to have some alone time far from city hustle and bustle. This is the must visit location you can choose on your honeymoon if you want to experience the awesome and unique colorful flowers from all over the Earth. The perspective at the incredible star light show and the Victoria peak are such encounters that you as a pair are not going to fail to remember for the rest of your life. Choose to visit the highlights of the skyscrapers on your Hong Kong Honeymoon packages.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages

Sri Lanka is a tiny island country which is situated on the southern part of India in wide Indian Ocean. It usually gets sidelined as most of the particular attention is acquired by its friendly neighbor known as the Maldives. However, the isle-nation Sri Lanka in a most popular destination for honeymooners and adventure lovers. Main highlights of Sri Lanka is its water sports making it the best destinations for all those married couples who are seeking for a spending budget gateway in Asia. All over Sri Lanka, you will be capable to find amazing beaches, extensive wildlife, tropical rainforests that make it a refreshing and appreciated honeymoon destination.


Thailand Honeymoon Packages

Thailand is home to one of the most stunning Island destinations you can ever visit. It offers one of the most effective infrastructures with a unique floating market to the vacationers. This place is well-known among honeymooners and they plan the maximum number of the honeymoon trip to Thailand. Amongst all the wonderful regions in Thailand, Phuket has some of the amazing gorgeous beach locations that are enclosed by high palm trees and surrounded by aqua blue crystal clear water. If you want to invest your time with your beloved and need some privacy then there is no much better spot than Koh Samui which is a tiny and attractive island. Book your Thailand honeymoon packages from India to feel the natural beauty of this nation.



If you are seeking a comfortable environment and ideal weather conditions then search no further than Bali destination in Indonesia. It is amongst the leading honeymoon vacation spots in the Entire world due to its amazing organic sight-seeing opportunities. There are a variety of exclusive beaches exactly where you can book a beach villa that is enclosed all around by the eco-friendly tropical rain forests. Bali is an ideal blend of shopping options, volcanoes, beaches, lakes, and forests. Best to book your Bali honeymoon packages and leave all planing to your planner.

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