Some Unusual Thrilling Experience in Thailand

If you preferred less traveled road then this is the place for you. Thailand is famous for beaches, islands, spas, massage etc but Thailand is much more than that. It has some unusual and amazing things to do when you want to cut the unwanted crowd from your vacation and want to spend some alone time either with your partner or just alone. Here is the reason what are some of the unique and amazing things to do in your Thailand honeymoon packages.

Enjoy their local Festivals

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Guests are always welcome to be a part of local celebrations, and most the events and festivals offer a special perception into local traditions and cultures. If you are planning your trip in November then you must see Loi Krathong. In October you can experience a natural event that happens just once a year named the Naga Fireballs. Enjoy Songkran/Thai New Year water festival in April. Thailand is a country of nice and friendly people and their hospitality is top notch.

Explore some unusual Floating markets

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It’s the iconic things in Thailand, the floating market. The area is filled with shabby wooden boats stacked high with vibrant local produce. There are numbers of the market you can choose from. Pick any market, and visit very early to avoid heavy crowds and cash the best bargains. These markets are very colorful and give you a picture-perfect spot to capture the beauty of vivid Thailand. Amphawa Floating Market, Samut Songkhram is best for any tourist who wants to see the temple also. It is located just next to a temple. But the biggest and the most famous floating market in Damnoen Saduak, Ratchaburi.


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Kanchanaburi province is a picture perfect area covered with lush green forest and a dreamland for backpackers but it has some park history past. Here, you’ll find some remains of the Death Railway which link Thailand to Myanmar, and the Railway bridge over the River Kwai in Thailand. Both are built by WWII prisoners of war. But now it is a chilling spot, and one of the most essential visits on any Thailand holiday packages to get some alone time in amazing scenic landscapes. You can visit the Tiger Temple.

Witness the beauty of ancient ruins and national parks

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Thailand features diversified panoramic landscapes, and its national parks are well known for their elegance and size. Some of the sites here are declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. These places are perfect for hikers and trekkers who want to enjoy the magnificent views with trekking. Prasat Hin Phimai Historical Park is one of the famous parks for hiking and trekking. Doi Inthanon National Park has the highest peak in Thailand. Khao Yai National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest monsoon forests in Asia.

Amazing waterfall

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Thailand has some amazing waterfall to explore. Sai Yok National Park has some of the amazing caves and waterfalls which definitely make your trip worth visiting, To observe some rare animals make your visit to Sai Yok National Park. You can also witness some of the Khmer ruins of the 12th century. Khao Sai Dao Waterfall can be explored while exploring the wildlife sanctuary. Erawan Waterfall boasts seven tiers of thrilling waterfalls, each providing freshwater pools you can go for swimming in it. The most beautiful waterfall is Thilosu waterfall and it is one of its kind in whole South-East Asia.

Shop til you drop

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From street booths to vibrant marketplaces, you can go shopping at each and every turn in Thailand. Bangkok is the best place for a shopping. There are numbers of markets you can shop in like Asiatique Night Market located in Riverside which opens all seven days a week. Weekend Market opens only on Saturday and Sunday. JJ Mall is also known as Chatuchak. stroll the streets of Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai. Wualai Walking Street Saturday Market opens only on Saturday. These are some of the great places from where you can buy a souvenir for your friends and family.


5 Most Fascinating Points for Adventure Enthusiasts in Singapore

Do you feel exciting and get the absolute adrenaline rush that pushes through your entire body when you’re attempting out a pursuit activity? If you are a person who constantly looks out for some exciting activities to discharge all that energy in the form of Adrenaline rush that’s constantly effervescent over. Here are the top 5 points in you can choose in your Singapore holiday packages which you can’t miss.

Feel the height at AJ Hackett Sentosa

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For those people who have usually desired to try bungy jumping just one in their lifetime or if you want to do it again, there is absolutely no need to take a trip out of the country just to enjoy the bungy jumping and to get the actual taste of this thrilling experience. Singapore has its very first own bungy tower at Sentosa. It is the maximum visited destination in Singapore. AJ Hackett Sentosa is one of the largest tourist spots in the whole country. Fearless souls can now go for bungy jumping from 60 meters above the magnificent Siloso Beach. Feel the breeze on your face and grasp the excitement rush as you drop into the absolute depths below. But if bouncing from such an elevation is not your thing, you can also decide on to compete with your friends on the Giant Swing. This swing is one of its kind in the whole world.

Swing into the night on Trampoline Bungy

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If you are really not up for luring fate so voluntarily at AJ Hackett Sentosa, you can nevertheless experience the excitement of boosting through the air at GX-5 Extreme Swing called as the biggest Trampoline Bungy. Riders of Intense Swing will be slowly and gradually lifted up and dropped at the height of 50 meters. While it is not as terrifying as instantly being launched from such a height. There’s also the Trampoline Bungy for those who are not capable of being launched from a great height. This is the place where you can show off some awesome backflip. You’ll be buckled to a harness and located right outside The Central. After that enjoy the nightlife with your partner on your Singapore honeymoon package.

Zipline across the white pristine beach

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At Mega Adventure, there are the wide variety of interesting attractions that will ever imagine. The most well-known one of the attraction is MegaZip, which will allow you to zip over the pristine beach of Singapore from one end to the other with the high speed. The most interesting part of the Zipline is that it is there is more than one zip line. This is yet another attraction where you can challenge your friends to race on different lines to reach the other side fastest. Zipline is the safest activity you can indulge in on your Singapore travel packages.

Go cable-skiing

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Instead of being drag along by a motorboat while you doing wakeboarding, you will be pulled along by a strong industrial cable at Singapore Wake Park. This doesn’t indicate that it’s any much less fun though. With various cable systems crafted to both first-timers and superior wakeboarders, anyone can have a great time here. This is one of the best places to make your journey a fun time with your friends and family.

Go on an adventure amongst the trees

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At Forest Adventure, here anyone can be Tarzan. A range of challenges as you move from tree to tree raises high up in the trees while you are securely from a harness. There are about three unique courses appropriate for anyone, from youngsters and grownups to even kids, meaning everybody can be a part of the fun. Challenge yourself to acquire the various obstructions throughout the given time limit in your journey. Enjoy the different types of obstacles with your friends and make some great memories.

My Solo Dubai traveling Experience

Just back from the wonderful 7 days trip to Dubai, so thought I would write down a brief review primarily for all the other single female tourists out there who want to explore the world but they hesitate to travel alone. To all of them, Dubai is definitely a place where you can travel alone on your Dubai Travel package.

Don’t hesitate

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First of all, do not hesitate for a longer period, If you want to go, just go grab any Dubai Holiday package from India. Dubai is such an awesome place in which you will experience complete safety and you will discover the folks are so warm, friendly and helpful.

Arriving at Dubai

Dubai Holiday Package

Just after my plane landed, I got my cab with a driver. He took me to the Al Manzil Hotel in downtown Dubai. It is a perfect base for you especially if you are traveling solo or traveling for the first time. It is difficult for me to understand their language as most of the people speak Arbi but luckily I found some English speaking staff and they answered all my queries and suggest me the best places in Dubai to check out.

Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and the Fountains

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On my first day I went to the Dubai Mall there are numbers of malls around but I choose the one which is on walking distance from my hotel. Had pre-booked the Burj Khalifa tour for evening online prior to my daily traveling. Afterward, I went to watch the amazing vibrant fountains, they were really nice to watch with music. The mall itself is very amazing with thousands of attractive shops, eateries etc.

The ice rink and an aquarium

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What fascinates me the most was the inbuilt ice rink with an aquarium, so you could invest your time with your family and shiver in the ring when its 45 degrees outside. It was the most popular destination in Dubai nowadays. I also held out the path to the metro direct from the mall, which is very hassle-free and the most convenient mode of transport in Dubai for traveling. It doesn’t provide access to all the areas, but not to worry take the metro to the last stop and after then you can book or rent a taxi to get to the desired destination. It will be cheap to tour like this instead of getting all the way only in Taxi.

Dubai Marina

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Gold, Spice and textile Souks, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina are some of the amazing places which make my trip worth. Bought a few souvenirs, had an awesome dinner at the mall restaurant looking over the area from the Marine beach and witness the magnificent phenomena created by the city skyscrapers. A complete contrast to the glamor and charisma of the tallest building Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.

The trip came to an end

This is just a brief summary of the places I choose to visit. Spending some time in soothing aura by the hotel pool was truly an amazing experience. Wish I had some more time to give, as it was my very first visit to Dubai, so I want to capture the each and every moment of it. I was a bit eager to watch all the elements on my vacation plans. Irrespective of whatever you choose Dubai never disappoint you.

Thailand A Truly Beach Paradise for Newlywed couple

Thailand is an amazing spot for a beach lover. This place has son many beach location that you might not cover up all under your Thailand holiday package. You can explore some of the amazing pristine beaches and indulge yourself in plenty of water sports. There are also many places where you can enjoy with your family to get the tour of the city. Thailand is a place which cant be missed if you want to explore the real face of Asia.

Koh Muk (Koh Mook)

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If you’re searching for a less crowded, gorgeous island, then undoubtedly choose for Koh Muk beach which is located at the south of Koh Lanta. You’ll discover this tiny, pleasant island. The leaping off point for Koh Muk with a boat ride to the island by the city of Trang. It will take roughly 30 minutes. Once you get there on Koh Muk, get prepared for some significant pleasure. This is one of the most relaxed destinations to check out in Thailand. You’ll discover tiny villages, vacant beach locations, and happy and friendly locals. Koh Muk offers several types of holiday accommodation and you can choose from a wide range of varieties of accommodation from very simple cottages to air-conditioned extravagant resorts. This is truly the place to get a beach cottage on the seashore and just appreciate the view.


Thailand Holiday Packages

This trendy small town is located in the Northern part of Thailand. It is turn out to be more popular over a couple of years, but it is still a great position to have some fun and relax in a cheap hut beside the river. Pai is enclosed by rice paddies, rainforest, and thrilling waterfalls, creating this an excellent place to spend some amazing. You must choose Pai in your Thailand honeymoon package to get the ultimate fun at your honeymoon. Visiting the Pai canyon in Thailand is a great thing to do on your honeymoon. Walking along Pai’s canyon with your partner is a must o thing. Don’t miss the hot springs, nighttime walking market.

Chiang Mai

Thailand Honeymoon Packages

One of the most popular places to visit in Thailand is Chiang Mai. This vacation destination has just lately become a hotspot for electronic digital nomads due to its strong internet, outstanding amenities, cost-effective holiday accommodation, and business-minded scene. However, it continues to an amazing place for vacationers to visit! Chiang Mai is a walled city providing many elements to do throughout the city. If you’re a foodie, then this is a paradise for you and you won’t be disappointed in Chiang Mai. It offers some of the world class food from all over the world. If you’re interested in how the delicious Thai meals are well prepared, join a food preparation class and learn how to spring rolls, curry and more.


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Technically Railay is not an island, but the main mode of transport to get there is by boat only. This magnificent destination is situated in the Krabi region of Thailand and is a must-see place especially for rock climbers and adventure lovers. Limestone karsts jut out of the ocean offering an extraordinary landscape as you get there by boat. The beach locations here are wonderful and the lush green mountainous backdrop is quite stunning. There are 4 beach locations to check out on Railay, and all of them are effortless to reach. East Railay is mainly popular for accommodations and West Railay offers the most eateries and best beach for swimming.

5 Incredible Places To Visit In Hong Kong

Look past Hong Kong’s advanced high rises, neon-lit markets, and swarmed ways and you will find a goal of brilliant encounters and some amazing sights. Here are some must-not-miss encounters and the best places to visit in Hong Kong. Buddhist sanctuaries, Cantonese musical dramas, carnivals, road markets, and nightlife keep this business center point’s spirit alive. In the event that you are arranging a Hong Kong honeymoon packages from India, picking spots to visit can get confounding. Well. try not to stress! We give you a rundown of 5 spots to explore in Hong Kong, to Hong Kong encounters.

Victoria Peak

Hong Kong Holiday Packages

Victoria Pinnacle is a famous mountain where the mainstream ‘Peak Tower’ – the most visited location in Hong Kong. You can take ‘tram’ to arrive, which is an incredible method to encounter the city’s rich legacy. The Sky Porch 428 at the Pinnacle is the best spot to appreciate an all-encompassing perspective of the city and the nearby islands. The complex additionally houses Madame Tussauds Wax Exhibition hall, where you can click some selfies with your favorite stars. If you are planning to go there always choose the right side of the tram to enjoy the beauty of the hills.

The Big Buddha And Po Lin Monastery

Hong Kong Holiday Packages

Experience quietness visiting the Tian Tan statue or the Enormous Buddha at Lantau Island. The 112-feet tall Buddha statue is a conspicuous Hong Kong point of interest, which can be seen from to the extent of Macau. A trip of 268 stairs prompts the base of the statue, be that as it may, there is likewise a little pathway for vehicles to carry the disabled person. The Po Lin Cloister, which shapes Tian Tan’s setting, has a standout amongst the most radiant Buddhist sanctuaries of Hong Kong. The cloister flask is known for divine veggie lover nourishment that is served by their monks.

Ocean Park

Hong Kong Holiday Packages

On the off chance that Hong Kong’s Disney Land is now on your schedule, we recommend you include Sea Stop as well. Granted World’s Seventh Most Prevalent Entertainment and amusement park, Sea Stop houses an oceanarium, a creature amusement stop, and a carnival, all spread more than 226 sections of land, around a huge mountain. The Recreation center is known for having the world’s biggest aquarium arch and its projects on vulnerable marine life and creatures. In the event that you are going as a couple or solo traveling and pondering what to do in Hong Kong, these particular spots are your answers.

Lan Kwai Fong (LKF)

Hong Kong Holiday Packages

Heard many things about Hong Kong’s nightlife? Lan Kwai Fong is the place you can feel the real beauty of Hong Kong. Here you will discover a portion of Asia’s most smoking hot clubs and around 100 pubs and eateries. The bars and speakeasies here are known for their wine pairings and mark mixed drinks and the eateries for their customary and global gourmet admission. In the event that you like a lager, LKF’s yearly Brew and Music Celebration, held at some point mid-year, is something you would prefer not to miss.

The Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Hong Kong Holiday Packages

The Tsim Sha Tsui (or TST) Promenade is amazing to expand along the Victoria Harbour beachfront. The Tsim Sha Tsui is a display identical to the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, it is called as ‘the Avenue of Stars’. Here you can see decide on film collector’s items and statues of celebrities from many international industries but its main focus is on the Hong Kong film industry. The TST Promenade is also best to witness Hong Kong’s popular show called ‘Symphony of Lights’. It is a magnificent light and sound demonstrate over the night skyline of the city. The show is presented daily at around 8 pm on pretty much all nights provided there is good weather conditions. Make sure you choose this show in your Hong Kong Holiday package itinerary.

5 Incredible Places to Visit in Europe

With amazing mountains, wonderful lakes, stunning oceans, rich traditional culture, and vibrant history, Europe is an ideal vacation destination for all types of tourists either they are looking for a family getaway or seeking for a personal romantic honeymoon vacation. In fact, there is a lot to explore in this extraordinary continent, it is challenging for any traveler to choose exactly where to go and what to watch. Here are the top five places for tourists to explore in Europe.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Switzerland Honeymoon Packages

It’s difficult to consider that this tiny area that rests at the base of the magnificent Matterhorn peak is in fact real. IT is one of the best parts of Switzerland and you can have some amazing sites visit on your trip to Switzerland. It is the picture perfect place for selfie lovers. At night, the area lights up and a relaxing tranquility takes over it. It is also the best place for adventure activities such as hiking, trekking, climbing, skiing, and practicing mountain sports in the Alps. You must visit this site if you choose and Switzerland Honeymoon packages.

Lake Baikal, Russia

Switzerland Honeymoon Packages

Lake Baikal is located in the southern part of Siberia, this body of water is stunning all around the year. In the winter, it is just a frozen patch of icy formations, and in the summer it is simply a beautiful clear body of water perfect for boating and sightseeing. You can experience some ice skating at this lake in winter when the ice in 15 to 18 inches thick.

Lisbon, Portugal

Switzerland Honeymoon Packages

The seaside capital of Portugal region. In Ancient it is known for its extreme hills and vibrant multicolored facades. It is incredibly energetic, pleasant, diversified, and fascinating, and it is often classified as one of the finest places in the overall Europe continent. It is the ideal place to take pleasure in the delicious food and have some glimpse of the history of Portugal. People are nice and friendly here, you can surely spend your holidays here as people understand English here so there is no language barrier.

Istanbul, Turkey

Switzerland Honeymoon Packages

Istanbul situated in Turkey is once the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. This place has maintained its attractiveness and elegance from ancient time. The Hagia Sophia is a wonderful domed building is one of the most tourists visited spots in Turkey and it stands tall as the most remarkable symbol and is enclosed by the wealthy traditions, scrumptious tastes, and limitless shades that are an elaborated part of Turkey. You can be in both the continent at once in Istanbul. As Istanbul is the place which lies on both the continent. It has some part in Asia and majority part in Europe.

Florence, Italy

Switzerland Honeymoon Packages

It is the birthplace of pizza, this Tuscan city was once the most important city of the Roman empire. It is one of the most wonderful and significant places where you can have a family reunion. It has some of the best museums and art galleries and displays artworks by some of the famous artists like Michelangelo’s David. This place is a perfect place for the art lover and a gourmet. It is the best place to be on your Italy honeymoon packages.

5 Incredible Places to Visit in Thailand

Thailand the Land of Smiles has been a preferred vacationer getaway for many years and despite the fact that things have been changed since you get the one dollar beach huts. Thailand still has plenty of elements to offer each and every type of tourist. There are unlimited places to check out in Thailand, from island destinations and beaches location, from the luxurious cities to the calm and peaceful villages, this is a country you could visit again and again. Book your Thailand holiday packages to experience the real beauty of Asia.


The capital city of Thailand is one of the most beautiful cities in Thailand. If you are visiting Bangkok by air, there are mostly chances that you’ll be ending up in Bangkok, but if you want to travel to Thailand by any other mode of transport such as a boat, train or bus from the neighboring country, just make sure you arrive at the big city. Bangkok is a city that never sleeps. Its streets are energetic and always loaded with people, vendors, bike riders etc. The roadside food in Bangkok can give you the real taste of the city. Enjoy the countless parties as its ambiance is amazing and there is a unique combination of contemporary commercialism and ancient sites.

Hua Hin

If You want to travel and vacation like the residents do then Hua Hin is the most appropriate place for you. This is the most popular weekend break getaway for Thai people. If you’re seeking the best seaside location in the city, this is exactly where you’ll find the desired location. Hua Hin’s exotic sandy stretch is around 8 kilometers long, and if you get there during the last days of the week, you’ll generally get the most amazing and energetic place in Thailand. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Chopstick Hill and feel the beauty of the Wat on top, Shop at the night market, and unique the floating market where shops are located on the boats.

Khao Yai National Park

Thailand is loaded with many natural treasures just ready to be explored by the curious traveler. If you’re curious about watching white Asian Elephants which you can only observe in Thailand, bears, pythons, macaques, gibbons, and many more, then certainly don’t miss to check out Khao Yai National Park. This preserved area spans over 6,155 square kilometers and it was the very first national park established in Thailand. Today there are a total of 127 national parks within the country for you to explore. You can go camping with your own camping tent or you can rent a tent in the park or just stay in a cabin to avoid all these. If you choose to stay outdoors in the park you can witness some amazing sky vision. There are numerous paths you can travel on foot or you can rent a bicycle, and also there are lots of waterfalls to check out.

Koh Chang

This is the best place for honeymooners to choose on their Thailand honeymoon package. It is one of the leading destinations to visit in Thailand. It is especially the best when you are planning for an island hopping getaway. Despite becoming more preferred by the number of tourists over the past few years, this hilly isle continues to retains its off-track vibe, based upon where on the region you visit. This place has some White Sands Beach and has an amazing aura which is an ideal place for honeymooners.